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  1. Jeweled Tzedokah Box

    Jeweled Tzedokah Box

    Heavy enameled metal charity box with hinged magnetic cover. Sides are scrollwork allowing contents to be visible. Jeweled accents. Gift boxed. Color: Gold/blue Size: 4.5 x 4.5 Learn More

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  2. Jeweled Candlestick

    Jeweled Candlestick

    Jeweled, enameled metal candlestick, in gift box. This new items makes a beautiful gift for anyone starting to light a Shabbos Candle. Measures: 5 1/5" tall SOLD IN SINGLES Learn More
  3. Chabad Balloon

    Chabad Balloon

    A fun and eye catching balloon bunting, perfect for any Chabad event. This gold/silver foil balloon bunting spells out "CHABAD" and can be hung on the ribbon included. Includes 14" balloons, a ribbon and blow tube. No need for helium. Suitable for children of 3+ years of age. Dimensions: H 14" Learn More
  4. Leather Style Pushkah

    Leather Style Pushkah

    Exquisite, leather-like charity box in shades of blue, white, and brown Learn More
  5. Aleph Beis Wall Hanging

    Aleph Beis Wall Hanging

    This colorful Aleph-Beis and holiday wall hanging includes hand-crafted pieces that store in their own pockets. Makes learning fun! A wonderful addition to a classroom, playroom or child's bedroom. Size: 17" x 22" Available in Blue and Pink Learn More
  6. Paint A Cookie

    Paint A Cookie

    These Items are baked on demand and need 1 week notice before they can ship
    36 Individually Wrapped Cookies 
    3 x 3 
    Paint Brush Included

    Learn More
  7. Sequin Dreidel

    Sequin Dreidel

    Styrofoam Dreidel H 3.5 inches W 1.9 inches Learn More
  8. Car Menorah

    Car Menorah


    Size: 25 x 15
    Weight: 20lbs
    Base Lights Up
    Light Up 1 Bulb Each Night (Switch Included)
    Estimated Shipping $25.00 (US ADDRESS)

    Heavy Duty Magnets
    2 Ratchet Straps
    Power Cord


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  9. Car Decoration Kit

    Car Decoration Kit


    Kit Includes:
    Hood Cover
    2 Mirror Covers
    2 Window Flags

    2 Styles available:
    Happy Chanukah or Chabad wishes you a Happy Chanukah

    Learn More
  10. Menorah Hunt

    Menorah Hunt

    A Corona Safe Interactive Family Experience. 

    Have your community partake in a Corona safe Chanuka activity that can be used at your Chanukah event, Ckids/Cteens Chanuka Party, Hebrew school, or preschool Chanukah learning.

    This Chanukah Scavenger Hunt includes: 
    1. 'Menorahs around the world' posters
    2. Participant Instruction poster
    3. Participant Scanevgerhunt Cards.  
    4. Instructions explaining how to prepare and host this event

    You will be able to customize all documents with your logo and any additional information you would like to display.

    To download this flyer package: Login; add to cart; place the order. You will receive a link to the Canva files in your confirmation email. 

    How it works (Drive-by) Find & Color. We will provide you with several posters of ‘Menorahs around the world’. Each poster is one of 4 primary colors. Each participating family gets a pack of 4 crayons and a card (with 3 menorahs to find and 3 corresponding menorahs to color) Find the Menorah. Participants will have to find the Menorah Poster corresponding to their card that is set up around your outdoor space. Color with the appropriate color.When the family finds the poster with a Menorah on their card, the children should color the corresponding menorah on the card with the crayon that is the same color as the poster. You can offer prizes/raffles for those who complete the MenorahHunt. *Variation: Instead of placing the posters on your property, ask local families to put on their lawn (close to the street) and provide participants with a list of addresses. Included in this packet We provide the materials. You print locally. – Make sure to print large enough that it is visible through a car window. ‘Menorahs around the world’ posters. 15 in all The instruction for each participant The participant menorah hunt cards. You will be able to customize (add your own instructions, locations, etc. ) Once purchased, you will receive an email with your unique customizable files. Please look out for it in your inbox. Learn More
  11. Kabbalah Aleph Bais Curriculum and Cards

    Kabbalah Aleph Bais Curriculum and Cards

    Within these 32 cards lies a rich curriculum through which some of the most mystical Kabbalistic and Chassidic concepts have been distilled and presented in a manner that is accessible and relatable even to young and novice learners.

    Included are instructions that will allow for all kinds of learners to become familiar with and internalize the names, utility, and stories of each of the letters of the Alef Bais (Hebrew alphabet) in a memorable and spiritual way. See Instruction Cards Here

    Just as a builder uses wood, nails, and stone to build a home, Hashem uses the 22 letters of the Alef Bais (Hebrew alphabet), each an articulation of Divine creative energy, to constantly create and recreate the universe.

    Each letter holds countless mystical—yet relevant and practical—secrets, stories that can guide and inspire us as we inhabit G-d’s physical world.

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11 Item(s)

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