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  1. Aseret Hadibrot Posters

    Aseret Hadibrot Posters

    A set of 10 full color posters 18"x24"of the Aseret Hadibrot. These beautiful and very inexpensive posters can be used to decorate and educate in Shul on Shavuos. These are the educational, engaging posters from the “Hang with the Ten”* Hebrew School curriculum. Each poster depicts a life lesson learned from the Dibrah, in a light, acceptable way. These can be used for the Youth groups, as learning tools, for games, for discussions to help the children learn about the Aseret Hadibrot. These posters are a great way to promote your Hebrew School. Click here to view poster samples

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  2. Har Sinai Scratch Art Bulk

    Har Sinai Scratch Art Bulk

    Simply scratch the coated surface to reveal the bright colors underneath. Use the included stylus to draw, sketch, and scratch your way to a beautiful picture. Comes in a pack with 12 sheets and 12 wooden scratch utensils. Measures 6 in x 4 in Learn More
  3. Visual Aseres Hadibros Card

    Visual Aseres Hadibros Card

    An innovative way to make the Aseres Hadibros a memorable, educational and engaging experience, for children and adults alike. This colorful, meticulously designed Aseres Hadibros edition makes for a beautiful gift and will enhance the Shavuos experience for your children, students, Shul, youth group, or indeed any setting in which the Aseres Hadibros will be read or taught.

  4. Distribute it as both a gift and educational tool, to teach the Aseres Hadibros.
  5. Have everyone in Shul, both children and adults, engaged during the Krias Hatorah.
  6. Make the Aseres Hadibros the focus and the ice cream party just a side show.
  7. Help them experience receiving the Torah like never before.
  8. DETAILS Open the 9” x 9” visual “Aseres Hadibros”, which presents itself as two authentic Luchos, to reveal the complete Aseres Hadibros text. Each of the Aseres Hadibros comes alive with beautiful original illustrations, along with simple easy-to-understand English captions, which capture the theme of each Dibur. In addition, on the reverse side, the complete Torah reading for the first day of Shavuos is included in a visually appealing format.


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  • 4 Item(s)

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